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Return Of The Mack: Houston Texans Trying To Sign T.J. Yates

As we gallop toward the long winter of our discontent, a glimmer of happier days past appears on the horizon.

Happy days are here again!
Happy days are here again!
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Considering I once pegged him as "a homeless man's Aaron Rodgers," I am not exactly rational when it comes to T.J. Yates. Nor do I pretend to be. Not when he is responsible for some of the happiest moments of my Texans fandom.

Ryan Mallett, on the other, has brought me nothing but irritation, annoyance, sadness, and anger, beginning with his departure from Michigan and ending (I hope) with his pink slip earlier today.

All of which is why this tweet just made me way, way happier than the potential signing of a backup QB should:

We may never have another "80 for 80" drive, at least not any time soon and not in a way that matters to the very core of our beings. We may be on the fast train to an abysmal failure of a season that ends with us back at square one (yet again). All of that is true.

But right now, on an overcast Tuesday in October of 2015, a signing of T.J. Yates would mean that at least we have something -- anything! -- that reminds us of better days and brings us hope for better days yet to come. And remember, Red: hope is a good thing -- maybe the best of things -- and no good thing ever dies.

UPDATE: It's official. T.J.'s home.

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