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2015 NFL Power Rankings Roundup: Texans Ranked As Worst Team In NFL

Oh, is it already that time again for our weekly swift kick to the groin from the national media?

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Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t know how else I can describe how catastrophic this Texans' season has become, so I will leave it to a bunch of sportswriters to do it for me instead.



Last Week


SB Nation


27 (down 2)




26 (down 3)

The Texans have been outscored by an NFL-worst 101 points in the first three quarters this season. They've been great in garbage time, though, outscoring opponents by 56 in the fourth quarter.


25 (down 7)

You know it's bad when a team's fans are actually lobbying you to make them No. 32. So, you're welcome, Texans fans. While they probably are aware of this stat by now, the following is a tasty treat for the other readers who made it all the way to the bottom of the Power Rankings: At one point in the second quarter Sunday, Miami had 35 points while Houston had zero yards of offense. Read that line again. That might be the most amazing stat I've ever seen. No, that is the most amazing stat I've ever seen.

Bleacher Report


30 (down 2)

The Houston Texans are beyond laughably bad. They may be beyond the tear-inducing stage, too. They've achieved perhaps the lowest low: We're nearly through Week 7 and not quite at midseason yet, and the Texans are completely irrelevant.

Fox Sports


25 (down 7)

When a backup quarterback’s missed flight is what everyone’s talking about the Monday after a blowout loss, you know things have gone very, very wrong. Losing Arian Foster to a season-ending injury will further cripple an offense that can only move the ball with DeAndre Hopkins.

USA Today


23 (down 9)

Actually, the whole team missed the flight to Miami. But at least Texans played hard following their post-halftime arrival.

Yahoo Sports


22 (down 4)

NFL teams should go a long, long time between falling behind by 40-plus points in a game. This isn't college football; blowouts like that shouldn't happen often. The Texans have fallen behind by at least 41 points twice in their last four games. Are we sure Bill O'Brien is a good coach?

CBS Sports (Prisco)


20 (down 8)

This season is officially a disaster. That defense is terrible. Who expected that?

Washington Post


22 (down 5)

The organization’s key decision-makers actually sat down at some point and said something to the effect of: Hey, signing Brian Hoyer might be a pretty good way to solve our QB issues.



27.9 (down 1.7)


Yep…it’s gotten that bad. Pass the bleach, will you?

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