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Houston Texans Player: "You Just Couldn't Count On Ryan [Mallett]..."

Think the other players on the Houston Texans are missing their former teammate? Think again. Ryan Mallett should probably not list this guy as a reference.

"So, like, then the plane left the runway like this.  Like, without me on it, bro."
"So, like, then the plane left the runway like this. Like, without me on it, bro."
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Texans finally reached their breaking point with Ryan Mallett yesterday, releasing the backup quarterback following his latest failure to act like a grownup. When any player is released, it's fair to wonder how his now former teammates will react. Will they be sympathetic toward the player? Will they be angry at the coaching staff and/or front office? Will they feel like the guy got a raw deal?

The answer to those questions, as they pertain to Ryan Mallett and the guys he shared a locker room with at NRG Stadium, appears to be a resounding, "No."

The Chronicle's Aaron Wilson got a current Texan to go on record about Mallett, albeit anonymously, and it's plain to see that the quarterback won't be missed by those he played with in Houston.

"It was always something with that guy, you just couldn’t count on Ryan to be here on time, to work hard and to do what everyone else is required to do," said a Texans player speaking on condition of anonymity. "None of us are surprised that he’s gone. That had to happen. I wouldn’t say what he did was a distraction, but you have to have accountability and this was obviously the final straw for the organization. Good luck to Ryan wherever he winds up, but we’ve got our own things to work on. We’re trying to win some games."

Oof. Looks like all that jazz about missing teammates was a one-way street.

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