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Houston Texans Victim Of Extortion Attempt Because Of Pictures Allegedly Depicting Player Smoking Marijuana

Just when you thought the Houston Texans' week couldn't get any more ridiculous, this story comes out.

Chris Trotman/Getty Images

The Houston Texans are a bad football team. Somehow, that rather important fact has been pushed to the background this week, thanks to stories about players missing flights, career-threatening injuries to star players, and reports of organizational power struggles. Things seemed to be starting to quiet down today, though. Focus was starting to return to the field, including but not limited to Houston's upcoming game against the Titans.

Can't have that. What else could the Texans use to distract us? If you guessed "criminal plot involving injured and undrafted rookie free agent involving allegations of drug use," you get a gold star. Aaron Wilson reports:

Houston police accused Davis, a 27-year-old Galveston man with an extensive criminal record, of attempting to "unlawfully appropriate" money from a man identified in Harris County court records as Emmett Baylor, the Texans’ director of security.

Davis attempted to obtain money from the Texans, offering to sell photos of McFarland allegedly smoking a substance alleged to be marijuana to multiple news outlets, including ABC-13. Court records and sources speaking on condition of anonymity confirmed that Davis met with Baylor at a Pappadeaux restaurant near NRG Stadium.

Davis was given a requested $3,000 by Baylor, formerly of the Federal Air Marshal Service, General Motors private security, a second deputy chief with the Detroit police department and a former Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms special agent. Davis signed some paperwork related to the situation and handed over a phone that allegedly had photos on it of McFarland. Davis was subsequently arrested by Houston police along with his girlfriend when they left the restaurant.

To summarize, somebody tried to blackmail the Texans because one of their employees was photographed smoking weed. What happened after that isn't exactly a surprise.

What's next for the Texans? Janitor accused of ivory trafficking? Accountant engaged in catfishing? Tune in tomorrow to find out!

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