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BRB Fantasy Football Update: Come Along And Ride On A Fantastic Voyage

As we watch our Texans slide slide slippity-slide into the doldrums of the NFL, we at least have fantasy to be cheerful about, or maybe not.

In my fantasies, these two are world-beaters. Don't set the alarm!
In my fantasies, these two are world-beaters. Don't set the alarm!
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Afternoon, all. Our Houston Texans are going to be facing the Tennessee Titans this weekend at home at NRG. The Texans are coming off an abysmal display in Miami that has left the franchise reeling and the fanbase traumatized. But we've still got Pick 'Em and Survival Leagues to keep us entertained at BRB, so at least there's something, right?

In our Survival League, we still have two competitors, Straight Cash Homie and TexanFanInMI, who have not guessed wrong. We're down to 23 people, from an initial group that numbered much higher, so congrats to all who are still alive in the game and battling it out for the right to give a certain fuzzy bear a sponge bath at the end of the season.

Our Pick 'Em League is also going well. The aptly named HellAndDeath is leading the way with a 57-46 record this season, good for a two win lead over the next closest competitors, RegulusArcturusBlack7 and Going Going Ragone, who are at 55-48. As with our Survival offering, these competitors are battling for the chance to give BFD a sponge bath.

Feel free to discuss strategy, your other fantasy offerings and issues, and how you think each game will play out in the Comments.

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