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BRB Staff Predictions (Week Eight): Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans

The BRB staff goes on record to predict the outcome of the Houston's pre-off week home game with the hated and equally hapless Tennessee Titans.

Overalls would make this game funnier.
Overalls would make this game funnier.
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Languishing at 2-5, the Houston Texans will host the equally awful Tennessee Titans, who visit NRG Stadium on Sunday with a 1-5 record.

Official word just came down that Marcus Mariota will not play in this game, so the Texans will instead do their best to not get embarrassed by Zach Mettenberger at home.  I know that sounds ludicrous, but, you know, Matt Hasselbeck.

After getting the ever-living [KITTEN] kicked out of them in an embarrassing quit-show in Miami, the Texans have had a week full of sad diversions - like terrible backup QBs being jettisoned and front office strife.  But the thing that the fans should be focusing on is not that garbage, but the on-field garbage.

With that, how about a half-assed effort of BRB staff predictions?  I expect no less from bloggers tasked with covering and commenting on a team that gives the about the same effort as was put into these predictions:

Chris HDH - Texans 24, Titans 21.

Two bad teams.  One of which is the Texans, who up and quit last week for the second time this season, and there's no argument that can be made against it.  They'll win - so what.  Changes should still be made for the off week, and I'm sure some small ones will.  Whatever happens against the Titans shouldn't change that.

MDC - Titans 31, Texans 17.

I predict moments of promise, followed by the familiar crush of failure and sadness. Hell, we might even win, but my prediction remains the same.

I miss Arian.

kdentify - Texans 13, Titans 12.

DD seems to think we're destined to win because the Titans are playing so poorly. I'm so shellshocked by the Texans that I wonder whether this is a ruse designed to lull us into a false sense of security. If Mariota recovers in time, this game might be a headache, only because he may offer some wrinkle our defense can't handle (though, at this point, I question what they can handle). If Mettenberger plays, I'm choosing to hope (not believe, though) that OB and RAC and Godsey will dust off the tape to see what worked against them last season and try to replicate that performance.

The Texans fan in me struggles to predict a loss, so I'll go 13 Texans - 12 Titans.

That's so depressing.

Weston - Texans 31, Titans 24.

[Editor's note - the following is completely nonsensical to me, but since the theme is low effort, I'm not going to work to figure it out before posting]

I have no idea why. But I did learn my lesson after changing picks and switching from INDY to HOU when the Hasselbeck news came out. I'm sticking to it.

Kollmann - Texans 13, Titans 13.

I'll go with a tie, because both teams are equally directionless right now.

bfMFd - Titans 17, Texans 16.

Original entry: With Marcus Mariota apparently playing, I'm going to go 27-17 BE-SFs. Cousins across the entirety of Methoptamia will celebrate by coupling for the evening.

I don't even get to watch Mariota now?  Ugh.  Are we still calling this football?  Texans lose by a missed extra point because Texans.

Corzo - Titans 30, Texans 20.

(In response to Kollmann's prediction) Isn't down a direction? I'll stay optimistic and predict the Texans lose by only 10.

Capt. Ron:

So, there you go.  #BooHooTexansBloggers (self-included).

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