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2015 Fantasy Football Advice: Week 8 DFS Picks

Brett and Ryan take a walk into the wild blue yonder with FanDuel and make some recommendations for this week's games.

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"Abandon hope, all ye who enter here' is written over the doors of NGR Stadium. The joy of Texans football is gone. There is nothing left to watch, except to find out what draft position they will have and who will be fired by season's end.

Relive the best part of the season, the first part, with daily fantasy football. Remember when the season was still full of hope and you can draft your fantasy football team all over again.

Check out this week's suggestions:

Jonathan Stewart"]'>Jonathan Stewart
Week 8 Lineups
Brett Cost Ryan Cost
QB $7,300 $8,100
RB 1 $7,700 $6,600
RB 2 $6,600 $8,100
WR 1 Odell Beckham Jr. $8,700 $5,400
WR 2 $6,700 $9,200
WR 3 Martavius Bryant $7,200 $7,500
TE $6,000 $5,300
K $4,500 $4,700
DEF $5,200 $5,100


I mainly chose Eli Manning here because I think Odell Beckham, Jr. is going to absolutely feast in front of his hometown crowd, and if Odell is getting points, that means Eli is too. At the other receiver spots, I'm swinging for the fences with Stefon Diggs and Martavis Bryant, two young wideouts who I think have an excellent chance at a touchdown this weekend.

When it comes to running back, I'm going with value plays in Chris Ivory and Jonathan Stewart. Both of these guys get some goal line work (though Stewart often gets vultured by Cam Newton and Mike Tolbert), so again I'm shooting for touchdowns. And speaking of goal line work, Tyler Eifert on the Bengals is a good bet to score at tight end as well.


The Red Rifle has been on full auto, and I'm going to keep firing with it. Stewart and the Panthers ran well against the Eagles, so I'm going to keep going with him for this week.

The Texans' passing offense has been top-five thanks to garbage time passing. Garbage time counts for fantasy too, so I take my token Texan with Washington.

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