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2015 Week Four Infographic: Houston Texans vs. Atlanta Falcons

Check out today's Infographic on BRB in advance of the Texans-Falcons game in Week Four.

Get your light guns ready. It's time to play Falcon Hunt. Be ready.  There are some very elusive Falcons on the field. Highest score wins!

Now the infographic:

Now for the X-Factors:


Nick Rose. I mean, Randy Bullock. No, scratch that. Nick Novak.

Or Kyle Ashby. Or Jon Weeks.


Brett Kollmann:

If Arian Foster plays, then it's Arian Foster. If he doesn't play, then it's probably Chris Polk. The Falcons defense has been incredibly leaky against pass catching running backs so far this season, so with Jonathan Grimes already ruled out somebody else is going to have to step up as a receiver out of the back field. I'll bet it's one of those two.


While I think the obvious answer is Julio Jones, I'm going with Ryan Mallett. If the Texans' defense cannot contain Jones or the rest of the Falcons' offense, there's a good chance we see 50 more passing attempts from Mallett. With Duane Brown back for the game, and the Falcons' pass rush consisting of little more than Vic Beasley and O'Brien Schofield, Mallett should have time in the pocket to throw.

If Mallett does have time, does he try to break the Falcons' cornerback press-man/single safety high scheme? Or will he settle for the underneath and curl routes? This will be an interesting test for Mallett, who does like to push the ball down the field.


George Godsey. I know, it's boring, but if the playcalling isn't right, nothing else is, either. It's essential that the offense is able to score touchdowns, not field goals, so Godsey is going to have to stick with the run, and the receivers are going to have to moisturize so they don't have hands like feet. Former Texan Brooks Reed is making his Falcons debut this game, so it would be nice to see some evidence that the Texans didn't extend the wrong middling-linebacker (looking at you, Whitney Mercilus).

Matthew Weston:

I started with RAC because the Giants played a lot of zone and forced ATL to throw quick passes to get him the ball. This worked because they tackled well and stopped the slant route. I thought if RAC did the same HOU could have some success, and then I realized the Texans CANT TACKLE.

So I'm going with Cole Hamels. This is why the traded for him and If the Rangers win today they take the division and I eat all my fingernails for the foreseeable October.


J.J. Watt. Because the correct answer to anything good in the world is always J.J. Watt.


Arian Foster! The offensive line hasn't been good but Arian will still make enough of a difference that it could keep the Falcons offense off the field a little more. I suspect Arian won't play a ton today but Atlanta will have to show some schematic respect when he's in there.

Capt. Ron:

The entire secondary for the Houston Texans. If they can just give the pass rush even three seconds to work with, then Houston will have a chance to win.


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