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Open Game Day Thread: Texans at Falcons, Third Quarter

Continue discussion of today's Houston Texans at Atlanta Falcons week four contest in the comments section here on BRB's 3rd quarter open game day thread!

Slip-slidin' away...
Slip-slidin' away...
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Halftime adjustments may or may not be underway.  After that abysmal first-half for Houston, I have absolutely no idea what O'Brien could even say to the players.

This will serve as the third-quarter open game day thread for anyone who is still inclined to watch the horror unfolding in Atlanta.  At this point, it's like a roll-over wreck on the highway, and some of us just can't help but continue to look for signs of life and hope things work out in the end.

For a small amount of a silver-lining, at least this is an NFC team.  It's far more important for the Texans to be ready in four days to host the Colts and win a division game.  Who am I kidding?  This team doesn't look like they are ready to play any NFL team.

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