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BRB Fantasy Football (Week Five): Updates On NFL Survival And Pick 'Em Leagues

Check in to see how well (or how poorly) your BRB fantasy football is going.

Andrew Luck is encouraging you to make your picks this week.
Andrew Luck is encouraging you to make your picks this week.
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

We're in Week Five of the NFL regular season and Week fFve of our FF offerings and, if you're like me, neither your team on the field nor your fantasy football selections are looking too hot. Go Texans anyways, though!

In our Pick 'Em League, we have a two-way tied for the lead between kc6893 and Hard Knockers, both sitting at a 37-25 record. I'm currently wallowing at 26-36, harmed by that week that I forgot to submit picks (argh!). We have a three-way tie for last in the league at 0-62, but we're just going to encourage those three to ask for more help next week.

In our Survival League, we have three players who have yet to guess wrong, with ketchuppants7, Straight Cash Homie, and TexanFanInMI leading the way. Nineteen participants were eliminated last week, most because they didn't submit a pick, but the rest because the Cardinals and Steelers showed up and lost. Personally, I'm still mad the Titans snatched defeat from the jaws of victory against the Colts and that Detroit lost to the Vikings, but I'll be kind for now.

Don't forget to check your email each week and get your picks in before their respective deadlines. Good luck this week. We'll need it!

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