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Report: Matt Hasselbeck To Start At QB For Colts Tonight; Andrew Luck Ruled Out

Adam Schefter is reporting that the Colts will be without their star quarterback against the Texans on Thursday Night Football. Even worse for Colts fans, the man who will start in Luck's place is not in good shape either.

Sick but starting.
Sick but starting.
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

While you never like to see anyone get hurt or have to miss games, let's be honest. This is very good news for a reeling Houston Texans team.

To summarize: The Texans will face the Colts without the Colts having their best player in Andrew Luck.  The guy who will be stepping in for said best player (Matt Hasselbeck) is fighting a virus and hasn't practiced all week.

If the Texans lose to the Colts on Thursday Night Football this evening, Houston fans will be (rightfully) livid.

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