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Countdown to Kickoff - Texans v. Colts on Thursday Night Football

The moment of truth for the 2015 Texans is here. It's time to put up or shut up. Talk Texans-Colts on BRB's "Countdown to Kickoff" thread.

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The Texans and Colts both find themselves at a crucial point in their respective seasons. Houston has their back against the wall at 1-3 and absolutely must win tonight if they expect to stay alive in the wild card or AFC South race, while Indy might be playing their second divisional game in a row without the only person who has really kept them afloat for the last four years – Andrew Luck. If the Texans win, the AFC South will be blown wide open for the taking once again. If the Colts win, however, they are on the fast track to yet another division title and possibly another deep playoff run.

That all being said, though, the odds are becoming more and more stacked in Houston’s favor as kickoff approaches. Let’s take a look, shall we?

1 – This game is in Houston, where the Texans have historically put on much better performances against the Colts, even if they tended to lose those games anyway in the past.

2 – This showdown follows an embarrassing loss to the Falcons where the entire Texans roster said they just wanted to play another game immediately to get the taste out of their mouths. Wish granted, I suppose. This team is pissed and just wants to hit someone.

3 – The Colts are reportedly going to be playing without Andrew Luck.  Matt Hasselbeck is expected to get the start.

4 – Indianapolis might not have Vontae Davis either.

5 - The Houston offensive line is healthy-ish for the first time all season, and so is Arian Foster (also for the first time all season).

6 – Chuck Pagano really isn't that good of a head coach in my opinion, and Pep Hamilton is a rather uninspiring offensive coordinator. Seven-step drop pass plays with a porous offensive line against a ravenous Texans defense? Sure, don't mind if I do!

My one sentence prediction: An angry Texans team plays to their potential and opens up a cathartic can of whoopass against their most hated division rival on national television.

Join us as we countdown to kickoff for a game that will hopefully end up as the most satisfying Texans victory of the last three years. Come on, football gods…just give us this one little thing, okay?

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