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Texans Jaelen Strong catches a 42-yard Hail Mary pass for a touchdown

Hail Mary!

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Everything about the first half against the Colts has stunk. The offense has stunk, the defense stunk. Hope looked lost as the Texans had Brian Hoyer at quarterback with a second remaining in the second quarter on the Colts 42-yard line.

Hoyer chucked up a pass towards the end zone that looked more like mosh pit then an end zone. While the ball was in the air, the sea of bodies parted. Up stepped Texans rookie Jaelen Strong, rising above the fray. Strong didn't even have a single defender's hand to worry about as he caught the ball for a touchdown.

The score brough the game with three points at the half, 13-10 Colts.

Hail Mary indeed, the Texans need every bit of it.

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