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Texans-Colts: Name That Play (Brian Hoyer's Pass to Nowhere)

After such a magnificent ending for a Texans game, join us in helping name Brian Hoyer's final pass against the Colts.

Best.  Fail.  Ever.
Best. Fail. Ever.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Football's history is full of famous plays.  For example, there's the Immaculate Reception, The Catch, and the Butt Fumble.

Your Houston Texans have a similar history of famous plays, though, sadly, they're closer along the lines of the Butt Fumble.  On the happier side, we have 80 for 80, which Corzo wrote about last year.

There's the Q-Tip:

And who could ever forget the Rosencopter?

/wipes away a lone tear

In all my years stalking this planet, Brian Hoyer's final pass last night is probably the worst single play I ever seen while watching football.


It's so Texans, and it's so perfect.

50 years from now, when our kids and our grandkids ask, "Hey, Old Dude, tell me about Brian Hoyer," and you tick reflexively, by what name do you want to remember this play?  We've got some ideas in this thread to get you started.

Name that play, BRB.  Name it, and feel the love.

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