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Bill O'Brien Names Brian Hoyer Starting QB For Jaguars Game

If you have felt like you were watching a slow-moving train wreck over the first five games of the season for the Houston Texans, brace yourselves for another dose of insanity as they have changed the starting quarterback AGAIN.

'Hey look!  I'm a moose!  Someday (soon) I'll probably be in Canada...hehe.'
'Hey look! I'm a moose! Someday (soon) I'll probably be in Canada...hehe.'
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

How many times has Bill O'Brien changed the quarterback so far?  Let's see...

Game One: Brian Hoyer was named the starter, but was pulled late in the 4th quarter and replaced by Ryan Mallett.

Game Two: O'Brien started Mallett and surprisingly didn't put Hoyer in at any point.

Game Three: Mallett started and finished, but I thought I saw O'Brien glance toward Hoyer a few times.

Game Four: Mallett started, but was replaced by Hoyer when Houston was down 42-0.

Game Five: O'Brien started Mallett, who then pulled himself out for injury, and O'Brien kept Hoyer in the game.

Game Six: Hoyer named as the starter.

So let's see, that's...1, 2, 3...carry the one....I give up.  There are college and high school football teams that haven't changed quarterbacks this often in such a short period of time.  I'm certain this is an NFL record number of changes at quarterback over a six-game stretch without either player being "injured" and unable to continue to play.

I'm becoming tone-deaf to hearing things like: "trying to get better" and "best for the team right now."  You know what would be "best for the team right now?"  A simplified scheme on offense and defense that the current players on the roster can execute with some level of precision.  However, THAT seems to be too much to ask.

Nah, let's keep shuffling quarterbacks like this is some type of multi-million dollar shell game to keep fans guessing where the winning nut is hidden.  (Spoiler: there is no "winning nut" on that roster.)

This feels similar to changing the wipers on a broken windshield while the vehicle is half-submerged in mud after skidding off the road.  It's time to call a wrecker, file an insurance claim, get a hot shower, and then head to a local sports bar for a stiff drink.  Be sure to ask the bartender to turn on the Astros.  At least that team seems to be well-coached and has players who want to compete for something.

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