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2015 Week Eight Infographic: Houston Texans vs. Tennessee Titans

Check out today's Infographic on BRB in advance of the Texans-Titans game in Week Eight.

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Here lies the Houston Texans. A team full of potential and promise, but the team succumbed to quarterback hell syndrome.  Now the graphic:

Now for the X-Factors:

Capt. Ron:

METEOR! That's the x-factor for this game.

I'm going with J.J. Watt this week. I think he must be ready to explode with frustration. If he can get to Mettenberger and be disruptive, then perhaps the rest of the defense will rally around him and stop the opponent.

OK, seriously, umm, umm, umm, umm....I'm drawing a blank. Let me go look at the rosters for a minute.

[Sounds of projectile vomiting can be heard in the distance.]

[17 mins later...]


X-Factor: Houston's inside linebackers. Not only have Brian Cushing & Co. been dreadful against the run, but they've also continued to show a total inability to cover tight ends. Tennessee hasn't been able to run the ball all year, yet if there's a week to get right in that department, it's against the soft middle of the Texans' defense. On top of that, Delanie Walker is far and away the Titans' most dangerous weapon in the passing game. He has to be accounted for. Who's doing to do it? Cushing? Justin Tuggle? Rahim Moore? You, Lieutenant Weinberg?


What's that? Ah - X-factors? Don't talk about X-factors? You kidding me? X-factors? I just hope we can win a game. Another game.

Matthew Weston:

X Factor: Chris Polk/Alfred Blue. Tennessee is 30th in rushing defense DVOA. Their entire defense is based around their OLB setting the edge and forcing everything back inside. By playing like this, they are susceptible to the outside zone and cutbacks. Additionally, their inside linebackers haven't been good and have been easy to block.

So by default, your Houston Texans' running backs.

The problem is both Polk and Blue are bad, and Houston's offensive line isn't good at getting hats on hats.

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