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Week 8: Afternoon Games Open Thread

A place to discuss the 3:30pm slate of games. Both of 'em.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

As I start writing this, I have no idea if the Texans won or lost their game. Currently, the score is 10-3 Houston, and Bishop Sankey is doing his best to make us think he put $500 on Houston. But, heck, I'm just going to assume that absolutely nothing went wrong and Houston went ahead and won. 'bout that game?!

ANYWAY, this is your open thread to discuss the late afternoon games. Will the return of Dez Bryant help the Cowboys against an average-road-team Seahawks squad? Does anyone outside of New Jersey and Oakland care about the Jets-Raiders tilt? Is there a single starting QB in the two 3:30 p.m. games that you WOULDN'T take over Brian Hoyer? (Brandon Weeden, maybe. But I'd take the other three in a heartbeat. Hey, remember that time that we took DeVry Posey over Russell Wilson? Fun stuff right there.)

So, start discussing already.