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Bill O'Brien Speaks: Ryan Griffin, Duane Brown, Cecil Shorts III Return; Kareem Jackson Likely Out For Bengals Game

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The Houston Texans are back to work. Bill O'Brien and a handful of players met with the media to talk about various injuries and their upcoming game against the Bengals on Monday Night Football.

He changed his jersey number so the Bengals won't see him coming.
He changed his jersey number so the Bengals won't see him coming.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The head coach of the Houston Texans fielded questions from the media yesterday after practice, and it appears the team did in fact get healthier over the bye. As always, you can find the complete transcript of what Bill O'Brien (plus Duane Brown, DeAndre Hopkins, Johnathan Joseph, and T.J. Yates) had to say by clicking here. In the meantime, here are a few nuggets to get the conversation going.

Bill O'Brien:

(opening statement) "Everybody came in ready to go today, had a good day of practice, and everybody got a chance to recharge their batteries and that’s the good thing about the bye week. Hopefully guys were able to get healthy and things like that. I don’t have much of an update on injuries and things like that. (Jadeveon) Clowney, I’m not sure where that’s at right now. Kareem Jackson probably would be out for this game. Cecil Shorts should be ready to go for this game. Ryan Griffin was out there at practice today, so other than that, I’ll open it up to questions."

(on his expectations for the timeline of TE Ryan Griffin’s return) "I would see him being ready for Monday night."

(on what TE Ryan Griffin can contribute to the offense when he comes back) "I thought he was really coming on and playing well, had a good end of the year last year and a good training camp, good offseason, so it’ll be good to get him back. I don’t think it’s easy to miss that much time and then just jump right back in and be playing at a high level, but he’s a guy that really worked hard in the rehab room and in the weight room when he could. He looked today, like I said, he was moving around pretty good today, looked like he was in pretty good condition, so should be ready to go."

(on what they learned when they self-scouted over the bye weekend) "You know what, we’re looking forward. You know what, we’re on to Cincinnati. What’s done is done and we’re on to the next opponent. We’ve studied ourselves and hopefully made some changes and taking it one day at a time and moving on to the Bengals."

(on working on the running game) "Yeah, we had one practice before we left and that was a full-padded practice, so a lot of that was spent on the running game. Our running game has to improve, stopping the run and running the ball. We’re spending a lot of time on it, and we’re only able to be in pads once this week so that’ll probably be on Wednesday. We’ll be in a full-padded practice on Wednesday and get it going and really practice the run game there, but we’re going to work one day at a time, like I said, and try to improve every day."

Duane Brown:

(on how it felt to be back out on the field at practice after going through the concussion protocol) "It felt great, just one of those things, never experienced that before, so good to be back out there, good to be amongst my teammates getting ready for Monday night."

(on if shuffling the line is a challenge) "Every guy is prepared to play, whatever position it is, and I think our guys have done a great job of being plugged in to different spots and performing. This week is no different. We’re trying to get everyone healthy and that’s the main thing is having everyone healthy going into it so we can have guys playing at their position. Whoever is out there, we’ll get the job done."

DeAndre Hopkins:

(on his chemistry with QB Brian Hoyer) "We stay after practice and do things to work on our timing. Brian is going to make sure that if he see’s something out there that I did wrong in practice, he is going to keep me after and work on it."

Johnathan Joseph:

(on the Bengals having a lot of different targets and the challenge it brings) "It kind of dictates what type of coverage you can run at times because you just can’t key in on A.J. Green or the tight end. He spreads the ball around to (Mohamed) Sanu, (Marvin) Jones, the running back, all of those guys, so I think he makes you play, pretty much, honest."

T.J. Yates:

(on if he has any good memories playing against the Bengals) "Back in my rookie year, it was just a whirlwind. It’s kind of funny because when we went up there to clinch the first time, I didn’t even really realize the ramifications of the game or what was on the line. I was so busy trying to learn the game plan and getting ready to play. I didn’t really realize how much it meant to everybody until after the game when everyone in the organization was so happy. It was a good time for the organization, the team, the coaches and everybody at that time."

(on his parents reaction to the game) "My mom was up in there in the nosebleeds, freaking out the whole game. She couldn’t even watch. No, that was cool, it was a good time and I have some good memories up in Cincy."

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