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2015 NFL Power Rankings Roundup: Texans Hold Steady After Bye Week

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The Bengals, Houston's next opponent, are almost universally ranked among the top three teams in the NFL going into Week 10. The Texans generally sit somewhere in the mid-20s. Monday Night Football one should be a doozy.

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

The Texans just had a much-needed bye week to fix the many, many inconsistencies that have plagued their season thus far. As a result of neither winning nor losing, the club had very little moment across the national media’s power rankings today. In fact, Houston’s 0.3 average rank movement was their smallest week-to-week change of the 2015 season. Let’s see where the Texans stand as of Week 10 before their Monday Night showdown with the undefeated Cincinnati Bengals.



Last Week


SB Nation


25 (up 1)




25 (down 2)

The Texans have beaten rookie Jameis Winston, as well as second-year QBs Zach Mettenberger and Blake Bortles. On Monday they play Andy Dalton, who is second in the NFL in Total QBR.


30 (up 2)

Hard to believe, but at 3-5, the Texans are alive and well in the division race. (AFC South, you're ... something.) Improved play from Brian Hoyer and the defense are both hugely important going forward. The latter was supposed to be the strength of this team, but Houston has allowed the most quick-strike drives (fewer than four plays) in the league, while being the weakest red-zone defense in the AFC. The pieces are still there on that side of the ball.

Bleacher Report


29 (no change)

A Houston Texans team that's two games below .500 will check back in after a Week 9 bye to see that, yes, life in the AFC South is still a glorious steaming-hot mess.

Even after the Indianapolis Colts won and upset the Denver Broncos, the Texans are still only a half-game back of the division leaders. The AFC South should play its football on Jupiter.

Fox Sports


27 (up 2)

The Texans finally showed signs of improvement heading into the bye week, and if they can build on that momentum, the Texans could be a darkhorse to make a run at the AFC South.

USA Today


29 (no change)

Their turnover differential is plus-six over past three games, something they must sustain to remain in AFC South race.

Yahoo Sports


25 (no change)

If you're hoping for a better Monday night matchup next week, we get the Texans at the Bengals. Let the good times roll.

CBS Sports (Prisco)


25 (no change)

At 3-5, they are a half game out of the division lead. But they have a tough one Monday night at Cincinnati.

Washington Post


21 (no change)

The Texans haven’t lost this month, thanks to a Nov. 1 win over the Titans and then a bye week. That qualifies as a dynasty in the AFC South.



26.2 (up 0.3)


Look at the bright side, ladies and gentlemen:  At least we aren’t the Jaguars.

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