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2015 Fantasy Football Update: Week Ten On BRB

It's Week Ten of the NFL season and week ten of our fantasy football offerings. Check to see how you're fairing.

You're a BRB fantasy football star!!!
You're a BRB fantasy football star!!!
Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

Afternoon, fantasy football fanatics. Welcome to the post where #everyonecaresaboutyourfantasyfootballteam. As you must know by now, BRB is hosting two fantasy football events this season, and the winners of each event get a special sponge bath from our very own fluffy, hairy panda bear. They might even get a personal rubdown from the guy, too. Woot!

In our Survival League, Straight Cash Homie is still sitting atop the pile with no incorrect selections so far. But there are a total of 13 competitors still alive, so anyone can win.  Just keep picking winners.

In our Pick 'Em League, 86 competitors entered. The best win-loss score is held by HellAndDeath at 70-59, while we've got three "competitors" currently sitting at 0-129. I'm choosing to believe that those three just haven't submitted selections, rather than that they've gotten every pick wrong.

This is your reminder to get your selections in, that Pick 'Em is against the spread, and that we're here to answer your questions and discuss other fantasy football happenings.

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