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Camouflage in the Jungle: Texans-Bengals Inactives

See who will NOT be suited up to play tonight as the Houston Texans and Cincinnati Bengals take the field for Monday Night Football.

Injured again...
Injured again...
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Jadeveon Clowney will miss yet another game due to injury.  He is still recovering from a sore back that is a lingering injury from the Texans last game against the Titans.  This is obviously a disturbing pattern that is only serving to fuel a certain negative narrative.  Let's hope that he can shake this off soon and have a nice long consecutive string of games with the type of performances worthy of the first-overall selection from the 2014 NFL Draft.  He has certainly flashed incredibly well at times, but these absences due to injury are creating a thick fog of frustration for many fans who expect more from such a high draft pick.

The team's other investments in safety Rahim Moore and tight end Garrett Graham also look suspect as they are both "healthy scratches" for tonight's lineup.

Houston Texans Inactives:

11 - (WR) Jaelen Strong

25 - (CB) Kareem Jackson

26 - (S) Rahim Moore

78 - (OL) Oday Aboushi

88 - (TE) Garrett Graham

90 - (OLB) Jadeveon Clowney

97 - (DE) Jeoffrey Pagan

Cincinnati Bengals Inactives:

15 - (WR) Mario Alford

37 - (CB) Chris Lewis-Harris

47 - (LB) Paul Dawson

74 - (OT) Andre Smith

87 - (TE) C.J. Uzomah

91 - (DT) Marcus Hardison

98 - (DT) Brandon Thompson