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Watch The Houston Texans Celebrate Monday Night Football Win Over Cincinnati Bengals

The Texans haven't had a lot to get excited about thus far in 2015, but last night's win over the Bengals on Monday Night Football was cause for celebration. Even better, we have video.

Bang bang.
Bang bang.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Your Houston Texans are now 4-5 and once again somehow tied for first place in the AFC South after beating the Bengals in Cincinnati on Monday Night Football last night. For a team that so many expected much more from through nine games, the upset had to feel pretty great. Fortunately, the team's official site gave us a brief peek into the Texans' locker room after the win, and it's worth a watch. Click here and enjoy.

Oh, and don't tell me that Bill O'Brien has lost the locker room.

"And you know what your reward is? You can wear sweats home!"

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