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BRB Fantasy Football Update: Ain't Gone 'n Give Up on Fantasy

Afternoon, all. As you can see, it's a Stevie Ray Vaughan kind of day. See how your fellow BRBers are doing in the site's fantasy leagues.

He hasn't given up. Have you?
He hasn't given up. Have you?
Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

With that in mind, just as Stevie didn't give up on love, we haven't given up on winning a sponge bath from our resident fat bear.

As you know, we're running two fantasy operations this season. Our Survival League is down to the final five competitors. Straight Cash Homie remains in the lead to spend an evening with bath oil, massage oil, and the hairiest bear south of the Mason-Dixon line. Congrats?

We're also running a Pick 'Em League, where we have two new names atop the leaderboard. No Punt Intended and Do are both sitting at 78-65 for the season. Please remember that our Pick 'Em is against the spread, so if you need help understanding how the spread works, please ask in the comments and we'll chip in to help.

With that in mind, we know that y'all are fantasy fanatics, so feel free to post about your other fantasy goings on, too. This is one spot where #everyonecaresaboutyourfantasyteam.

Remember to get your picks in.

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