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Thursday Night Football: Tennessee Titans v. Jacksonville Jaguars

Tonight we have an AFC South battle between the Titans and Jaguars. Watch the game and join the conversation right here on Battle Red Blog.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Thursday Night Football features the two dullest gems of the worst division in the NFL.  The Tennessee Titans are 2-7 on the season and are trending to finish dead last in the division.  The Jacksonville Jaguars are 3-6, yet have the easiest remaining schedule in the league.

This game may end up as the lowest viewing audience in Thursday Night Football history, but fans of teams in the AFC South may tune in to see which team will sink and cement themselves into the basement of the division.  Houston Texans fans might watch from the depths of quarterback hell with curious interest to see Marcus Mariota and Blake Bortles.

If you are still reading this, and you intend to watch the game tonight, I can only assume you didn't have something more pressing to do.  You know, like patching the vent pipe flashing on your roof, winterizing your lawn, or taking your frog to the dentist.  Oddly enough, those are not intended as metaphors.

Division rivalries are typically good games, although this one could certainly end up looking like this:

You know things are bad when you have to entertain NFL fans at the stadium by installing a pool and party deck, and then staff it by flying in dancers and bartenders from South Beach.

Here is the comparison between both teams from

That's your preview for tonight's game.  The comments section is open, and the usual rules apply.

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