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BRB Writers BUSTED For Rumor-Mongering!

After being outed on Facebook, bfd writes a post accepting blame for the sins of BRB bloggers.

Vengeance is mine!
Vengeance is mine!
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

It is with a heavy heart for me to announce that Our Glorious Blogging Overlord, Tim, has been apprehended by Facebook Police.  After years of manipulating your Houston Texans, BRB has finally been busted.

Our long reign of terror finally ended when we were named as the originators of the Brian Cushing trade rumors on BRB's very own Facebook page:


It's true.  Even all these years later, MDC and I are still bitter the Texans drafted Cushing, and this is our way of finally getting rid of him.  As per usual, we convinced Tim to plant the rumor with Jason La Canfora last week.  After watching UT get shut out Saturday night by Iowa State and in a horrible mood, Tim called La Canfora, confirmed his own rumor, and VOILA!  Who keeps the Houston Texans down?  We do, we do!

I hope that, by posting this, the rest of us can avoid the brutal punishment Tim is sure to receive.  Thus, here is an incomplete list of other crimes against Texans humanity for which BRB bloggers are responsible:

Please note that Hoyer's Floater was not our work, but signing him was clearly on us.

Again, this list is hardly complete.  Help us with more of those fond memories in the comments.

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