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Houston Texans Promote Running Back From Practice Squad, Waive Kourtnei Brown

With one of their running backs ailing, the Texans promoted a player from their practice squad and said goodbye to one of the stars from "Hard Knocks."

And he's got Jetsperience to boot!
And he's got Jetsperience to boot!
Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since Arian Foster was lost for the year, Houston's running game has been ineffective at best and positively horrendous at worst. Although Akeem Hunt, signed to the Texans' practice squad about two and a half weeks ago, isn't going to be confused with Foster anytime soon, it's difficult to imagine he'd be any less productive than the running backs on the current roster. Famous last words, I know. Watch him have a killer fumble tomorrow should he get on the field against the Jets.

Hunt's promotion means someone had to go. In this case, it meant one of the stars of the last season of "Hard Knocks" was the odd man out.

Brown, of course, was cut in the team's last round of roster culling before the season started, only to find a job with the Buccaneers, lose that job with the Buccaneers, and then find his way back to Houston's 53-man roster. He's once again looking for work, and we here at BRB wish him all the best as he looks to continue his NFL career.

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