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Countdown To Kickoff: Texans v. Jets

Good morning, all. The Texans are hoping the Jet plane is grounded today at NRG. Congregate inside while we discuss how good or bad we are, how good or bad they are, and what we're eating this week. Don't come without recipes and photos.

Maybe these two can connect today?
Maybe these two can connect today?
Bob Levey/Getty Images

We're beginning Thanksgiving week by giving thanks to the NFL for the blessings of football that we will feast upon all week long. This week sees our Houston Texans, led by T.J. Yates, take on the New York Jets, led by Ryan Fitzpatrick. On paper, this game will be dictated by the defenses, because neither of these quarterbacks should strike fear in any teams other than the Bengals and Titans. But we know the games are played in real life, and both teams are having relatively surprising seasons.

The Jets, for one, were supposed to be rolling with Geno Smith, but a smart mouth and his continued failure to impress when given the chance has meant that he's neither the present nor the future for the team that drafted him. The Texans were supposed to have a running game worth AF, but Arian Foster went down with another season ending injury which may end up being a career-ending injury, and we're in RBBC h3ll.

The Jets possess a strong defense, with Muhammad Wilkerson, Sheldon Richardson, Darrelle Revis, and company that can frustrate our pathetic running game and hamper the productivity of DeAndre Hopkins. They also have Chris Ivory who, if we're not careful, can run for miles against our defense.

We're interested to see what the gameplan has in store today. What are you expecting to see? What scares you? This is your countdown. Chat here until the open thread is posted around 11:45. Inactives will be posted around 10:45.

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