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2015 Week Eleven Infographic: Houston Texans vs. New York Jets

Check out today's Infographic on BRB in advance of the Texans-Jets game in Week Eleven.

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It's the Attack of the Living Beard in Houston. Ryan Fitzpatrick returns to wreak havoc on his previous team in Houston. Will J.J. Watt and the boys survive? You'll have to watch to find out.

Now the graphic:


Now for the X-Factors:


I'm going with Houston's interior O-Line. For the Texans to have ANY prayer in this game against a talented Jets defense, they will need to protect against the inside rush and at least get enough three-yard carries by (any bad Texans RB) to make the threat of the running game not be a hysterical joke that has Jet players and staff falling down and rolling around on the field.


I'll say x-factor status goes to the Texans' front seven, and more specifically Vince Wilfork (or whoever's spelling him), Brian Cushing, and Benardrick McKinney. I expect the Jets are going to run, run, and then run some more with Chris Ivory, so it'll be up to the guys in the middle to hold strong against an onslaught of plays up the gut. I am a bit worried about the big play potential of Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker, but I'm more confident in Kevin Johnson and Johnathan Joseph than I am in what was the soft, gooey center of the Texans' defense before the last two weeks.

Capt. Ron

Two options:

Either way, Houston would win.

1. Brian Cushing is the x-factor to keep this defense playing "lights-out" for another win.

2. The Texans could take the week off to visit family and have the Katy Tigers face the Jets.

Matthew Weston:

I don't think HOU will be able to run the ball even if the line blocks well. The OL controlled the LOS against the Bengals and they averaged only 3.3 y/c.
For Houston to score 13 points in this one they will need Hopkins to have a huge game. It's the only way they can move the ball. So I'm going with Hopkins, and if he can get open against Revis.


Nate Washington. DeAndre Hopkins is about to take a one day vacation to Revis island, so it will be up to Washington to get the best of Antonio Cromartie and give this team a passing attack in this game. Without that, I can't see T.J. Yates having any sort of success.

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