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Open Game Day Thread: Houston Texans v. New York Jets (Second Quarter)

Ryan Fitzpatrick! Randy Bullock! A game that means everything and nothing, all at the same time! It's second-quarter open thread time!

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The hardest part about doing these Game Day Open Threads is writing the second-quarter post so that it is ready when the second quarter kicks off. As I sit here, the game hasn't even started, so I have no idea what the first quarter will bring. That kind of struggle might dissuade lesser men from writing the post so early. But not me. Not when we can go Mad Libs style!

The first quarter was [adverb] [verb] for your Houston Texans. The Jets' offense [could/could not] move the ball against the [adjective] Texans defense. When [Jets player] managed to [fumble/score/shart himself on television], you could sense the momentum [changing/building/not existing]. The big question is whether [Texans player] will be able to [build upon/shake off] that late [touchdown/fumble/bout of idiocy]. I want to believe that he will, but we all know that the Texans are capable of [scoring points/pooping the bed] without warning.

This is your second-quarter open thread. Supply your adverbs, adjectives, and witticisms below.

NOTE: Please do not post any images, videos, GIFs, or non-text comments in any of BRB's live game threads. They tend to slow the thread down and can take a long time to load. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

NOTE II: Due to the fast-paced nature of these threads, there will be no warnings before bans on game day. If a moderator deems a comment or user to be problematic, he or she will remove that person from the discussion for the good of the collective game day experience. If you're on the wrong side of the law today and want your posting privileges reinstated, please send an e-mail to us tomorrow.

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