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PUT YOUR NAME ON IT: For Real Now...How Many More Games Will The Houston Texans Win During The Regular Season?

When the Houston Texans were 3-5, many fans thought the second half of the season was sure to bring more pain. Has that tune changed now that the Texans are 5-5? Texans fans vote and discuss on Battle Red Blog.

Yes, yes...we're entertained now.
Yes, yes...we're entertained now.
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I don't think I'm overstating it to say that the first half of the 2015 regular season was a disaster for the Houston Texans. They won three of their first eight games while also suffering the indignity of not one, but TWO, forty point deficits along the way. Many fans were fearful of the instability at quarterback heading into the season, and that fear was proven justified when Bill O'Brien benched Brian Hoyer less than one full game into the season, only to see Ryan Mallett somehow make things far worse, culminating with the team deciding they were better off without him on the roster at all before the calendar even turned to November. Mallett's departure led to the team reuniting with T.J. Yates, who was not gainfully employed by a NFL team when the Texans called; Yates was then forced into the lineup after Brian Hoyer suffered a concussion during Monday Night Football.

That wasn't all the turmoil, though. The Texans also cut their kicker and weathered reports about a schism between the head coach and general manager. They saw their defense, which many predicted would be among the best in the league, look entirely overmatched to the point that some (read: me) thought O'Brien would fire his defensive coordinator. Oh, and despite him being healthy, the Texans have left one of their prized free agent signings and starting safeties inactive for the last three games. Rahim Moore has had company in that indignity the last two weeks, as he's been joined by Garrett Graham, who was once the team's starting tight end.

It's been a bumpy ride, so it's no surprise so many Texans fans thought the team would struggle during the second half of the regular season. Indeed, two weeks ago, 32% of those polled thought the Texans would only win three (3) more games in 2015, which would mean a 6-10 record on the season. 22% thought that the team would win four (4) more, believing 7-9 sounded about right.

That was then. This is now. Since that poll, the Houston Texans have beaten the Cincinnati Bengals and New York Jets, improving their record to 5-5 and looking like a totally different team than the one that started so poorly. The last six games of the schedule look like this:

at Bills
at Colts
at Titans

So I ask you, BRB: How many more games will the Houston Texans win during the 2015 regular season? Next to each option, I have what it would mean for the Texans' final record during the 2015 regular season. Cast your vote and then explain yourself in the Comments below.

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