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2015 NFL Power Rankings: Texans Jump Into Top 10

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Started from the bottom now we here.

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Another week, another win, and another huge boost for the Texans in the national media’s power rankings. After disposing of the Jets in impressive fashion last weekend, the boys in Battle Red have cracked the top 15 in several rankings, with the Washington Post even going so far as to put them in the top 10! Check out what every outlet had to say below:



Last Week


SB Nation


20 (up 7)




22 (up 5)

The Texans' defense has allowed 9.7 points per game during Houston's three-game winning streak. The defense allowed 28.4 points on average the first seven games of the season (2-5).


23 (up 9)

Who ever would have thought NFL analysts would one day debate whether the Texans should start Brian Hoyer or T.J. Yates to keep their winning ways going? Yet, that's precisely where Bill O'Brien's team sits right now. He made the correct choice, clearly, to start Hoyer over Ryan Mallett, who has yet to catch on anywhere since getting bounced in Houston. Was he right go back to Hoyer for Week 12, as he confirmed Monday he would? Who cares? Though their signal callers would be considered backups by 30 other NFL teams, the Texans are right there with Indy atop the AFC South -- and improved quarterback play is a large part of the reason.

Bleacher Report


23 (up 5)

It's still bizarre that the Houston Texans—a team that went 1-4 to start 2015—are now leading their division after three straight wins. So bizarre, in fact, that I'm still refusing to believe it's true by slotting them much lower than the Indianapolis Colts.

The Texans and Colts may share the same record in the AFC South, but Indianapolis simply has a far deeper offense, even with quarterback Andrew Luck out.

Then again, Houston has a defense that's still powered by all-universe defensive end J.J. Watt, whose pass rushing and lame jokes held the Cincinnati Bengals to only six points in Week 10. That defense and wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins—who's still unfair, and averaged 23.6 yards per catch with two touchdowns during a win Sunday over the New York Jets—could be all the Texans need to maintain their hold on a playoff spot.

Either way, the AFC South should probably be relegated to a different league that plays its games in the ocean.

Fox Sports


18 (up 3)

It took more than half a season, but the Texans have finally evolved into the defense everyone expected them to be -- aggressive, stout in the middle against the run and opportunistic.

USA Today


21 (up 6)

So now Bill O'Brien trusts Brian Hoyer so much that T.J. Yates and two weeks of heroics vs. good defenses go to pine?

Yahoo Sports


23 (up 4)

For the second straight year, Bill O'Brien is getting a lot more out of the offense than he should. He has done a nice job as the Texans have crawled back to .500.

CBS Sports (Prisco)


21 (up 6)

They are tied for first place as we head down the stretch. That defense has really come alive.

Washington Post


15 (up 5)

The Texans are set to go back to Brian Hoyer as their starter at QB. But they can thank T.J. Yates for getting them back into the thick of the AFC South race by beating the Bengals in relief of Hoyer and then winning Sunday’s start against the Jets.



20.7 (up 5.6)


Oh, and did I mention that the Texans now have a 40% chance to make the playoffs? This season is a roller coaster I never, ever want to end.

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