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What Must I Do To Win At BRB Fantasy Football This Season?

Good evening, all. It's our weekly update on fantasy happenings here on the site. Check out how you're faring.

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

I'm in a Kenny Lattimore mood tonight, so we're kicking back with some R&B to muse on fantasy football and prep for the week's coming slate of games. This being the week of Thanksgiving, we all need to give thanks for three games occurring tomorrow so that we can eat some animals and then sleep tight for a day of shopping and horrible Christmas songs (that some stores are already playing...looking at you Bed, Bath and Beyond and Container Store).

This season, BRBers are competing for the opportunity to get lathered up by our resident fat, hairy panda bear. We're fortunate that we're hosting two competitions so if you miss out on getting fur in your personal places once, there's still a second chance to floss with panda fur. Yum, right?

In our Survival Football league, the overwhelming majority of us gave up the ghost a while ago, but we still have five competitors battling it out to get a rub down by bfd. Currently, Straight Cash Homie remains in the lead, but there's still time for someone else to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat and spend a long evening in a bath with the bear.

In our Pick 'Em league, we've got a two-way tie atop the leaderboard. RegulusArcturusBlack7 and Do are tied with a 85-71 record.

Don't forget that because of the early games this week, the deadlines have moved for our offerings and possibly for your other fantasy offerings.

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