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Thanksgiving Football 2015: Philadelphia Eagles v. Detroit Lions

Let's spend some time prepping for the fine feast we're going to enjoy later today by watching two terrible teams play in a lifeless stadium and wonder whether either of their head coaches will be employed in January.

We are so sorry we were bamboozled into not even formally offering you a contract. Please come home.  Signed, BRB.
We are so sorry we were bamboozled into not even formally offering you a contract. Please come home. Signed, BRB.
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Chip Kelly spent the past offseason grabbing more and more power in the Eagles' franchise, only for his team to come out and sh.t the bed repeatedly this season. Whispered questions about whether he's going to be in the City of Brotherly Shove for the long haul have become louder, the belief in his college scheme's ability to function long-term in the NFL has faltered, and the coded talk about what kind of team he was building and what kind of players he was showing the door have meant that Kelly lacks a reserve of goodwill to stem the tide. His baffling usage of DeMarco Murray (as well as the amount that he paid a running back who only managed to stay healthy in his contract year when he was blessed with the best offensive line in the NFL), his quarterback conundrum (trading away Nick Foles, who had some measure of success in his system, for perennial failure Sam Bradford and ditching Michael Vick while retaining Mark Sanchez) has not helped his troubled offense and his ineffective defense are all combining to increase the questions about Kelly's genius or lack thereof.

The Motor City is looking for some miracles right now. Martha Ford stepped up and cleaned house, firing the Lions GM and team president, so questions are now surrounding the futures of head coach Jim Caldwell as well as franchise stalwarts Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson. Lions fans have become disgruntled about the Fords' ownership and their team's long history of sh.ttiness, but Mrs. Ford has attempted to quiet fears by stating that she wants the fans to be satisfied with what's going on in Detroit.

We begin our Thanksgiving by watching two teams that had legitimate playoff hopes battle to get closer to .500. The Eagles at 4-6 sit tied with Washington for second in the NFC Least. The Lions, at 3-7, are at the back of the pack of the NFC North, behind Green Bay, Minnesota, and Chicago.

This should be a game full of bleach-inducing moments. Both quarterbacks were drafted by teams (the Jets, in Sanchez's case) who hoped to earn multiple playoff spots, but who have been unwilling or unable to address their mechanical faults (and mental mistakes) to consistently help their teams win. Both offenses and defenses have star players that have struggled to overcome coaching WTFs and QB snafus.

Both of these teams currently employ former Texans, so there is some local attention to be paid. We shall all gather together to weep for Glover QuinDeMeco Ryans, and Connor Barwin, three defensive stalwarts we either let walk or traded away in the hopes that we had better players in their stead.

With that, your open thread is open.

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