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Bleach Social: Where Are You Watching Texans-Saints?

It's hard to imagine the Houston Texans, after starting the season the way they did, could find themselves at 6-5 if they can manage to beat the Saints on Sunday. What are your plans for catching the game?

Future's so bright, she's gotta wear shades.
Future's so bright, she's gotta wear shades.
Thomas Shea/Getty Images

For the first time since Week One against the Chiefs, your Houston Texans have a chance to put their record above .500 this year. The only thing standing in the way is the New Orleans Saints. What are you planning to do to watch the game on Sunday?

Are you going to be at NRG Stadium, witnessing firsthand whether the Texans' defense can continue to make up for lost time by making Drew Brees look like Zach Mettenberger?

Are you going to be at home, eating Thanksgiving leftovers and trying not to choke when DeAndre Hopkins makes yet another miraculous catch look routine?

Perhaps you'll be at a bar or restaurant, enjoying some time out and/or away from the family after being in close proximity to them for the past few days.

Whatever your plans, let us know in the Comments. If you're still trying to figure out what you're going to do, or if you're a stranger in a strange land looking for somewhere to catch the game, pose any queries here; someone might have a suggestion for you. Similarly, if you've got a worthy spot staked out somewhere and want to clue fellow Texans fans in to it, please divulge that information in the Comments as well.

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