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3Q Open Game Day Thread: Houston Texans v. New Orleans Saints

Can the Texans continue their new winning ways with a victory over the Saints at NRG Stadium? Talk about what's happening on the field as it occurs in Battle Red Blog's live open game thread for Texans-Saints today.

Great white buffalo.
Great white buffalo.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Second quarter notes:

  • Brian Hoyer gonna Hoyer.
  • Brandon Browner with a penalty on a return?  LOLOLOLOLOL!
  • Oh, Johnathan Joseph, you almost had an easy pick-six.
  • Your Texans have the best tackling CBs in the league.
  • This meatloaf is so, so awesome.
  • Kevin Johnson with outstanding coverage on Willie Snead.  KJ can ball.
  • I really think the basis of the offensive turnaround is the line play.  It's immeasurably better.
  • Stephone Anthony is another great-looking young defensive player.  Flies to the ball and finishes.
  • This offense just doesn't click well when they play a "classic" offensive strategy.  They need a little razzle dazzle, and they feed off it.
  • Thanks, Sean Payton, for the FG instead of going for it.
  • This team needs more Jonathan Grimes.  And Akeem Hunt.
  • Grimes with the Wild-Bull.
  • Goodness, Hoyer, dump the damn ball before you get it, especially when there's laundry already on the field.
  • The Saints don't do a good job creating a pass rush, but our offensive line is playing well.
  • I should write a one-man play: An Ode to Meatloaf.  It'd be me bathing in mashed potatoes while dipping meatloaf in it.  I should do a Kickstarter for it.
  • Especially for him, Drew Brees looks really off-target with his throws.
  • Eddie Pleasant.  Wow.
  • Kai Forbath.  Wow.
  • Brandon Browner mugs DeAndre Hopkins, and no flag is thrown.
  • That wasn't a great end to the half.

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