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Rahim Moore "Mortified" After Being Benched For Poor Play Against Dolphins

192 yards and three Miami touchdowns on just three snaps - Rahim Moore was responsible for all of them. See what the player the Texans brought in as one of their big free agent signings had to say after getting benched last week against the Titans.

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The Texans' defense dominated the Tennessee offense last weekend in what seemed like a rejuvenated performance for the much maligned Bulls on Parade. The front seven got sacks, the secondary made some tackles for once, and Zach Mettenberger simply could not get anything going throughout the entire afternoon. The reason for the sudden turnaround, however, may not have been a change in scheme or game plan, but rather in personnel.

Rahim Moore, one of the biggest name free agents that Houston brought in this past offseason, was a healthy scratch from game day just eight weeks into his stint with the Texans. He spoke to the Houston Chronicle yesterday about how it felt to be benched.

"It was mortifying, crying, all kinds of stuff, but that’s because I love football a lot," Moore said Monday morning. "You want to be out there. The good feeling about it is we won."

When asked what explanation he was given for why he was benched, Moore said: "Ask Bill O’Brien, let him tell you. I really don’t know. Let him tell you. He’s going to give you the most honest answer. He’s our head guy and he has all the answers."

So why was Moore benched? Well, it probably had something to do with his poor pursuit angles and tackling being directly responsible for not one, not two, but three gigantic touchdowns for the Dolphins in Week Seven. That’s right--21 first half points and a whopping 192 yards were square on the shoulders of Rahim Moore and his absolutely gawdawful tackling on the second level. In a debacle of a game that was chock-full of absurd numbers and stats, those might be the most disturbing of the bunch.

There is no word yet on if Moore will take back his starting job after the bye week against the seemingly unstoppable Bengals offense.  To be quite honest, I am not sure that I want to see what Cincinnati could do against Moore in space anyway. If Jarvis Landry and Lamar Miller can make the Texans' safeties look that foolish on open grass, I shudder at the thought of what kinds of numbers A.J. Green, Tyler Eifert, and Giovani Bernard could collectively put up.

Fair warning, folks – this one has potential to get really ugly.

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