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Tennessee Titans Fire Ken Whisenhunt; Houston Texans Fans Mourn His Departure

There's no doubt it was deserved, but kindly excuse Texans fans for being to sorry to see the guy go.

Houston will miss you, Ken.
Houston will miss you, Ken.
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

I guess losing handily to the Houston Texans was the final straw.

As you'd probably surmise, Titans fans are stoked that the guy who led their team to a 3-20 record over the last year and a half won't get to see 3-21. Texans fans, however, have every right to bemoan Whisenhunt's departure. He did a terrible job, which was good for Houston fans, and the opening in Nashville could very well be quite appealing in the coaching world in light of Marcus Mariota's presence on the roster (assuming you believe Mariota can be a franchise quarterback). Regardless, it's difficult to fathom the Titans hiring a guy who does worse than Whisenhunt, and that's unfortunate for Texans fans.

Oh, and before you mock the Titans too much for hiring Ken Whisenhunt in the first place, recall that the Texans were reportedly quite interested in Whisenhunt before they ultimately decided to hire Bill O'Brien.  Say what you will about how the team has disappointed this year, but there's little doubt that 12-12 (O'Brien's current record as Houston's head coach) is preferable to 3-20.

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