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What Did You Think The Texans' Record Would Be At The Bye Week?

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The 2015 season began with such promise for many Texans fans. Alas, a 3-5 record at the halfway point has brought us down to earth. How optimistic were fans before the season started, though? A poll on BRB answers that question.

We're frustrated too, Bill.
We're frustrated too, Bill.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Halfway through the 2015 NFL season, your Houston Texans are 3-5 (yet somehow tied for first place in the deplorable AFC South).  Before the season began, many Texans fans thought the team would have a considerably better record heading into the second half of the season. Were you one of them?

Take a gander at the poll below and answer honestly. Before the season started and reality intruded, what did you think the Texans' record would be at this point?

I'll get things started. Having predicted a 9-7 record for the good guys on the season, I actually believed Houston's record would be 6-2 right now before they collapsed during a difficult second half slate. Looking back at it now, I may have been a bit bullish on things...particularly a defense I wrote had a chance to be "historically great."

Ahhhh, the internet. It never lets me forget how stupid I am.

Enough about me. How foolishly optimistic were you? Vote in the poll and then take to the Comments to reminisce or boast.

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