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BRB Fantasy Football Update: I'm Surviving, That's My Plan

Afternoon, folks. I take a short break from cursing out Apple for El Capitan installation problems to bring you an update on our fantasy football offerings for this season.

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

While the Texans are on a bye this week, the NFL rolls along, and so does BRB's fantasy football happenings.

In our Pick 'Em League, HellAndDeath sits alone atop the leaderboard at a score of 64-52. Please note that the Pick 'Em is against the spread, so if you have any questions about how that works, ask below before making a selection.

Our Survival League, we're down to 19 competitors. Straight Cash Homie remains undefeated, and, therefore, in the lead to win the magical, mystical sponge bath from our very own bigfatdrunk. Of course, the other 18 competitors can still make a run for it and enjoy their own bubble bath session with a hairy, fat, panda bear, so don't despair if you're not SCH. There's still time.

Of course, we know that BRB's fantasy football offerings aren't the only game in town, so feel free to discuss your other contests below. This is one spot where #everyonecaresaboutyourfantasyteam.


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