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Where Does Pro Football Focus Rank The Texans' Offensive Line Through The First Half Of The Season?

You've watched the Houston Texans for eight games this season. How do you think their offensive line measures up against the rest of the NFL?

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Pass-blocking has been above-average.  Run-blocking, on the other hand...
Pass-blocking has been above-average. Run-blocking, on the other hand...
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Pro Football Focus has ranked all 32 NFL teams at the midpoint if the 2015 season. Quick...before you read any further, where do you think the Houston Texans landed in the rankings?

The Texans have been forced to shuffle and reshuffle their offensive line throughout the season, so it's anyone's guess as to where they'd rank if they'd managed to field the line they hoped to field when training camp ended. According to PFF, though, the Texans are almost right in the middle of the pack after eight games.

17. Houston Texans (16th)

Pass blocking rank: 12th

Run blocking rank: 24th

Penalties rank: 10th

Stud: You don’t hear the name Brandon Brooks (69.2) a lot when talking about the best guards in the league, but his consistent efforts mean you should.

Dud: After his breakout contract year, it’s disappointing that Derek Newton (44.8) has reverted to old ways. That said, he’s been asked to play a variety of positions, so it’s somewhat understandable.

Summary: Chris Myers is gone, and Duane Brown has battled injuries. The upshot? The Houston line looks like it’s in transition, which, all things considered, makes this showing better than you might have expected.

I'd consider that relatively fair analysis. Add your two cents in the Comments below.

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