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The Annual J.J. Watt Charity Softball Game Will Have Tickets On Sale Today At 10 AM

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Get your tickets ordered early. You can find out when and how to get tickets to the J.J. Watt Foundation Charity Softball Classic here.

The defense leads the series 2-1 over the offense.
The defense leads the series 2-1 over the offense.
J.J. Watt Foundation

He's hosted it three times before, to great success, and now the J.J. Watt Charity Softball Classic has finally hit the big leagues. Minute Maid Park, home of the resurgent Houston Astros, will be the venue for the event's fourth iteration on Saturday, May 14, 2016.

Tickets will go on sale today at 10 AM CST. You can buy them here.

Previously, Watt's foundation hosted the event at Constellation Field (home of the Sugar Land Skeeters!), with a seating capacity of just 7,500. Tickets were in such demand that their website sold out of them in minutes before promptly crashing.

Now, like he is prone to do at just about everything in his life, Watt is aiming higher, hoping to sell out MMP's 40,950 seats in support of high school sports programs. That's a 446% increase. Cha-ching!

You've been called to action, BRBros! Despite all the extra capacity, you'll still want to get in there early if you want to score some sweet dugout seats.

Have you been? Share your experiences down below. Happy shopping.

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