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Late Afternoon Game Open Thread: Peyton Manning Trying To Break Records Against Colts

Afternoon, friendly fanatic Texans fans. Even though there's no Texans football this afternoon, we know you're still watching the games, because that's what we do. Talk about what you're watching and get previews on all three late afternoon starts here.

Whoa there, MF. Blaine Gabbert is now the starting quarterback for the reeling San Francisco 49ers. Fun times.
Whoa there, MF. Blaine Gabbert is now the starting quarterback for the reeling San Francisco 49ers. Fun times.
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The headlines this week have been about Peyton Manning's attempt to break records, but the Broncos are trying to win the game and remain undefeated. Manning has the chance to become the all-time leader in wins by a quarterback and to become the game's all-time leading passer if he can muster 284 yards today. If Andrew Luck and the Colts play this week like they did for most of the game last week against the Panthers, neither of these should prove a challenge.

Offensive Stats

Offensive Comparison

Personally, I've been happy to see Gary Kubiak and Wade Phillips revitalize their careers in Denver and will never root for the Colts in anything, so I'm rooting for Peyton to set all the records this game and defeat Indy in the process.

About half an hour before Peyton and crew take on the remnants of the 2014 AFC Championship runner-ups, Dan Quinn's Falcons will be in the City by the Bay to curb-stomp Jim Tomsula's 49ers. The Falcons have looked shaky the past few weeks, but a game against the 49ers might do the trick of repairing their confidence and righting their season. Colin Kaepernick has been benched for Blaine Gabbert in a move designed to allow CK space to "breathe," though Kaep has publicly challenged his coach saying he's not out of breath, so it seems that the dysfunction that marked Jim Harbaugh's final season has continued, with tales of locker room infighting emerging as well.

Kaep's contract is written in such a way that the team can move on after this season with no further guaranteed money--provided he doesn't get hurt--which may be influencing the team's decision to rest the guy who almost won a Super Bowl. Either way, SF has basically thrown in the towel, having sent Vernon Davis to the Broncos before the trade deadline.  Matt Ryan should shine against this defense.

Team Leaders

Offensive Stats

Eli Manning and the Giants are heading south to Tampa Bay to take on Jameis Winston and the Buccaneers. The Giants recently brought back Jason Pierre-Paul (he of the fireworks incident) in a desperate attempt to generate some pass rush. He's active for this afternoon's game, and we should get a chance to see what he can do with roughly 8 fingers (since the index finger and parts of the middle finger and thumb were lost). The Giants sit at 4-4, good for first in the NFC Least, while the Bucs, at 3-4, are last in the NFC South.



Consider yourself previewed! Have fun in the comments!

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