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Sunday Night Football: Philadelphia Eagles v. Dallas Cowboys

Evening, peeps. The Eagles are in Arlington, sans battery-throwing fans. The Cowboys will be hoping to win another game (they've lost 5 in a row) and salvage their season. Discuss everything inside!

He'll be hoping to improve upon his 2 yards from the first time they played.
He'll be hoping to improve upon his 2 yards from the first time they played.
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

In the past few days, the NFL's worst nightmare has come true. Deadspin published photos of the bruising and lacerations caused by Greg Hardy's abuse of his (hopefully) former girlfriend for the world to see, further igniting the controversy surrounding Hardy's reinstatement, suspension, and Jerry Jones' focus on winning above all else. When this game was scheduled, it was billed as DeMarco Murray's return to the place where he made his name and the place that chose to focus their contract efforts on Dez Bryant rather than him. Since then, the Hardy outrage, Murray's substandard play, Chip Kelly's "skillset" as a GM, and the Cowboys' lack of wins since losing Tony Romo to a broken collarbone have rendered this a game between the two worst teams in the NFC Least.

The decision to move on from Murray was made, in part, because of the belief that any guy could succeed behind the Cowboys' offensive line. Joseph Randle and Darren McFadden have proven otherwise. Meanwhile, with Tony Romo down, the 'Boys have started Brandon Weeden and Matt Cassel in an effort to scrape by while they hope the division remains weak enough for them to contend when Romo returns.

Neither of these teams are even remotely impressive in terms of the game between the lines, so tonight's broadcast will almost certainly include lots and lots and lots of commentary about domestic violence, the NFLPA, Greg Hardy and the Cowboys. Enjoy?

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