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NFL Week 9: Early Games Live

Just because there are no Texans games on does not mean you shouldn't be watching football anyway. Get in here!

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Texans may be on a bye this week, but we still have plenty of great matchups this weekend to keep ourselves entertained. Here is the full slate of today’s games.

12:00 PM CT Games

Dolphins v. Bills

Packers v. Panthers

Rams v. Vikings

Redskins v. Patriots

Titans v. Saints

Jaguars v. Jets

Raiders v. Steelers

3:05/3:25 PM CT Games

Falcons v. 49ers

Giants v. Buccaneers

Broncos v. Colts

7:30 PM CT - Sunday Night Football

Eagles v. Cowboys

Now please deliver unto us an embarrassing loss for the Colts.

Consider this your open thread for the first batch of games today. We'll have fresh posts for the late afternoon and Sunday night games.  Enjoy!

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