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PUT YOUR NAME ON IT: How Many Games Will The Houston Texans Win In The Second Half Of The 2015 Season?

The first half of the 2015 season saw the Houston Texans manage to win three games. How many more will they win in the second half of the year? Texans fans vote and discuss.

She's thinking about how to answer this question.
She's thinking about how to answer this question.
Andrew Innerarity-USA TODAY Sports

The first half of the Houston Texans' 2015 season is done, and many of us were very, very, VERY wrong about how the team would fare over the initial eight (8) games of the campaign. But you know what you do when you lose a few hands at the blackjack table of life? You don't walk away.  You keep playing. You double down. You drain the kids' college funds, find a roulette table, and remember the timeless wisdom of Wesley Snipes in "Passenger 57."

It is with that fearlessness in mind that I ask you to boldly proclaim how many more games the Houston Texans will win this year. Eight games are in the books, and the Texans have only won three of them. How many of the remaining eight will result in Texans victories?

Here's a link to the full schedule. Cast your ballot and take to the Comments to discuss your reasoning.

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