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Houston Texans Injury News: J.J. Watt Broke Hand, Now Wearing A Cast; Did Not Practice Today

That sound you hear is every Texans fan hyperventilating. The latest on J.J. Watt's status for Sunday Night Football is on Battle Red Blog.

J.J., back before the plaster.
J.J., back before the plaster.
Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the Houston Texans are entering the home stretch of the AFC playoff race, they can ill afford any sizable setbacks. I reckon their best player/the best defensive player in the league/the best player in the league sporting a cast would qualify as a rather sizable potential setback.

While the image of Watt in a cast is the stuff of nightmares for Texans fans, Aaron Wilson says not to fear; Sunday Night Football game will still boast a heaping helping of J.J.

Although these things can change, I choose to believe Aaron Wilson when he says that J.J. Watt will be on the field against the Patriots on Sunday evening. I would choose to believe this even if Watt was in a full body cast, so there's no reason to waver now.

While we're talking about practice and potentially game-altering injuries, allow me to take this opportunity to advise you that Rob Gronkowski returned to practice for the Patriots today.

It remains to be seen whether Gronk will play on Sunday night, but his return to practice today would seem to be a positive sign for his chances of returning to New England's lineup and giving the Tom Brady his favorite target back.

UPDATE: That cast ain't for show. J.J. Watt has a broken hand.

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