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BRB Fantasy Football Update: Is This The Real Life? Is This Just Fantasy?

There's nothing like Freddie Mercury to get your fantasy football juices bubbling, right? Right? RIGHT? Check out how BRB's fantasy football leagues are going.

This guy doesn't care that he killed two of our Survival League participants.
This guy doesn't care that he killed two of our Survival League participants.
Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Hello, gang. We're still working our way through the season's fantasy football offerings here on Battle Red Blog, as well as Yahoo, ESPN, NFL, daily fantasy sites that run ads relentlessly. To that end, each week we have a friendly update, complete with awesome music, that lets you keep abreast of how BRB's fantasy offerings are chugging along, as well as a spot to chit-chat with other BRBers about any fantasy questions you might have.

I know that you know by now (since I've been telling you every week since the first week) that we're hosting two fantasy events this season, both of which come with the grand prize of a personal bubble bath from BRB's resident hairy panda bear. The promise of getting a good rubdown has tempted you lot to participate each week, so let's take a look to see how y'all are doing.

In our Pick 'Em challenge, "do" has reclaimed the top spot, with a record of 105-83. Congrats to "do" and remember the Pick 'Em is against the spread. Because the spread changes, you may be better served not making your picks until ten minutes or so before game time (picks are due five minutes before each game starts, so you can wait if you can be present on game days).

In our Survival League, we're down to our final two competitors after three were eliminated last week for selecting the Bears, or not voting at all (looking at you, FTP). Congratulations to "Going with Hoyer God Help Us" and "Straight Cash Homie."

This is your spot for Fantasy Football discussions. Enjoy!

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