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Report: Rob Gronkowski Expected To Play Against Texans On Sunday Night Football

Less than two weeks after sustaining what many assumed was a season-ending injury, the New England Patriots' All-Universe tight end is expected to play tomorrow night in Houston. Find out exactly how much on Battle Red Blog.

The Texans may see this a time or two tomorrow night.
The Texans may see this a time or two tomorrow night.
Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Rob Gronkowski returned to practice for the Patriots on Thursday, and now it looks like he'll return to game action when the Patriots play the Texans tomorrow night.

While there's always the chance plans change, especially if Gronk doesn't look the way New England wants him to during pre-game warmups, it appears that the Texans will have to deal with the matchup nightmare that is Rob Gronkowski tomorrow night, at least in certain situations. Does this report change your feeling about how the game will play out?

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