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Brian Hoyer Suffered Concussion After Hit In Loss To Patriots

That would make two concussions in less than a month for the Texans' starting quarterback. Fans react to the news on Battle Red Blog.

Get well soon.
Get well soon.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

For the second time in less than a month, Brian Hoyer underwent testing for a possible concussion last night. Although the team would not confirm when Hoyer suffered the blow to the head that necessitated the testing, he left the game early in the fourth quarter. Some have speculated this was the play that did it (feel free to ignore the caption and simply watch the play).

If Hoyer does in fact enter the league's concussion protocol, his status for the Texans' next game in Indianapolis would be very much up in the air. After being concussed against the Bengals on Monday Night Football, Hoyer missed the following game against the Jets before returning to the lineup the week after that for the Saints game. As he did against the Jets, T.J. Yates would step in as Houston's starting quarterback if Hoyer is ruled out.

UPDATE: Ian Rapoport says Hoyer did in fact suffer a concussion last night.

UPDATE II: Less than a day after he sustained the concussion and with six days still left before the Texans' next game, Bill O'Brien has already deemed Hoyer doubtful for Sunday in Indianapolis.

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