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Report: Baltimore Ravens Will Sign Ryan Mallett

The quarterback many Texans fans hoped would be the answer to the position in Houston for years to come has found work elsewhere. Most interesting of all are the terms of the deal and what it could mean for Ryan Mallett's NFL future.

Baltimore bound.
Baltimore bound.
Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

It didn't happen until almost two weeks after his initial workout with the team, but the Baltimore Ravens are reportedly signing Ryan Mallett today.

That's quite a bit of money for a guy who has been unemployed for non-injury related reasons for nearly two months (and don't forget about the termination pay Mallett sought after he was cut to boot). At least one pundit believes the terms of Mallett's new contract are a clear sign the Ravens intend to keep him around for longer than just the final three weeks of the 2015 season. Jeff Zrebiec of the Baltimore Sun writes:

If Mallett’s contract is any indication, the Ravens view him as a potential backup for Joe Flacco heading into next season.

Mallett’s new deal will pay him as much as $2.5 million in 2016, according to The NFL Network. Assuming he comes in for the rest of the season and shows that he’s learned from some of the issues that he had earlier in his career, Mallett is the clear favorite to back up Flacco in 2016.

Mallett's arrival in Baltimore does not necessarily mean the season is over for his new teammate, who just so happens to also be the greatest quarterback in Texans history.

One more nugget...the following tweet is rather telling, especially in light of some of the things that were insinuated after Mallett was cut by the Texans.

Regardless of how much he disappointed us during his time with the Texans, best wishes to Ryan Mallett going forward.

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